Brief description of MTS

MTS PJSC (owner of COMSTAR-Direct CJSC), AS8359, founded 1993, is the largest and leading Russian broadband and mobile broadband/3G/LTE ISP with over 100 millions customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan. We are also the first Russian IPTV provider, with the number of active customers around 150,000 (and growing). Our 100G/Nx10G Ethernet-based backbone network includes nodes located in Russia, Europe and United States. You may check MTS (NYSE:MBT) web-site to find out more information about us.

Service portfolio of MTS includes:

Peering policy of MTS

The information below applies to MTS IP backbone network (AS8359) which currently spans

With regard to possible peering relationship we are interested in both public and private peering. We consider the following locations for that: Although this is not a formal peering agreement, the document provides basic guidelines to a party willing to peer

Overview of the peering requirements

  1. No formal peering agreement is required, though we're willing to sign an appropriate contract if applicable
  2. Peer must operate it's own backbone in Europe and/or United States
  3. Aggregated exchanged traffic must be 50 Mbps or more (preferrably)
  4. Peering must be set up in all locations where both MTS and potential peer have their presence
  5. IPv4 and IPv6 possible at all locations
  6. MTS reserves the right to terminate peering upon a mutually negotiated terms

You may find our looking glass here

To request peering, please send a notification to

Last modified: 2017-12-07